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About the object

  • hall area: 2 ha

  • area of the facility: 32 ha

  • industrial halls

  • brick production facilities

  • piece 

  • excavation 

  • paved square

  • offices from the 90's

  • lodge 

  • social facilities

  • bathrooms with showers

  • dressing room

  • parking


You walk through the door and you already know... this is the place! There is no exaggeration in this. The brickyard is our unique location located an hour from Warsaw, near Sochaczew. You think: up to an hour away? Take our word for it... it's ONLY an hour considering what you'll encounter here.


The artists have at their disposal over a dozen plans inside and outside the buildings, from white, brick corridors to halls with structures from outer space. You can find here sectors with modern machinery, as well as rooms straight from the 67', like our beloved forge, which is slowly becoming a hip-hop hotbed. In the background, heavy mining equipment, excavators, haulers, etc. The Brickyard also includes an old, active laboratory, perfect for horror movies!


Around 2 hectares of production halls, there are as many as 32 hectares of land at the artists' disposal. Meadows, excavations, lakes, heaps of clay or metallurgical slag, which deceptively resembles the Welsh hills.

The facility is closed, monitored and guarded 24 hours a day.

Price: from PLN 400 per hour of rental

For reservations, please contact us via the available formHERE



Social facilities (coffee)




Guarded area


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